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Jack Langerman Community Foundation

Dedicated to giving back to the
communities that gave so much to Jack

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About Jack

"We could write a book about Jack’s friendliness, his kindness, his other-worldly ability to make others feel good and the unwavering happiness and excitement with which he navigated his life.  He made that story so easy to write.  All you have to do is sit and recount all of your interactions with this wonderful boy who turned into an equally wonderful man.

Being Jack’s friend was just so easy, so comfortable. It was sharing a laugh, or a beer, or talking about the Patriots. Conversations with him felt like they were happening in front of a warm fire. They always involved new, great people that you needed to meet. They were equal parts happy memories and fun times to come. He always made you feel like you were talking to a guy who was just so damn happy to be talking to you.  

Telling this story is as easy as Jack made it to be his friend."

- From a family friend

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Our Mission

Jack deeply loved and was profoundly influenced by the many communities of which he was lucky enough to be a part during his far-too-short life.  These communities played an outsized role in shaping Jack into the exceptional young man he became, and it is our honor and our privilege to give as much back to them as they gave to him – and then some.  With that as our guiding principle our hope is that Jack’s legacy will endure in part by ensuring that the institutions, organizations, people and places that shaped Jack continue to shape others just as profoundly.

Specific Foundation initiatives to support this mission are currently being developed and identified, and will be detailed on this site in the coming months.

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News and Events

Our Foundation has been hard at work and we have a lot of exciting events and milestones that we’ll be sharing in 2022.

Stay tuned for more information.

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Carpe diem. 

Seize the day. 

Nothing but excellence.

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